Aural Erotica!
A Sexual Sonic Soundscape

Unlike many of the ubiquitous sex videos, books and toys that are available, we offer a unique concept in erotic entertainment – the erotic audio CD.  It is unique by what it is not – another staged or acted spoken sex audio with forgettable pop music, or vague dream enhancement tool, or sex therapy or education courseAural Erotica! is an artistically conceived, erotically charged audio sex soundscape that inspires the imagination and liberates the libido.

Aural Erotica!was created by artfully blending sounds of actual live sex, ambient sound environments and enhanced special effects with a tasteful light underscoring of original music. Amorous minded people can pop this in their CD or DVD player or computer and go about setting the situation for a memorable sensual experience.  It will create a compelling and intimate sound ambience.  No unnecessary complications or distractions of a TV, proper lighting, or other encumbrances.  It is as easy to use as it is stimulating and unforgettable! Use it as a complement to sensuous lovemaking and play it over and over.

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